ayelet with baby yannaiI am the very proud mother of three beautiful boys: Yannai  who is now 8 years old,  Eitan who is now 6 and Liad who is a year and a half.

I came to Israel from South Africa about 14 years ago and continued working as a graphic designer. At the same time, I decided to start studying towards a degree in psychology because it became apparent to me that I wanted to work with people on a more intimate level. When I studied (and aced) my developmental psychology course, I realised that there was something about the field that fascinated me. I sought out more courses in the same area and also loved the course “Sleep and sleep issues in children” on which I also wrote a final paper.

In 2009, Yannai was born and changed everything for me. I felt great excitement and awe, but I also felt fear and insecurity and I was constantly worried about whether I was doing “the right thing” for my child. I started to read everything I could on babies and childcare and become engrossed in this fascinating world. The desire to learn as much as possible, and to share what I know with others, led me to look into studies in the field. Just before Eitan was born in 2011, I enrolled in Dyada’s course for accompanying women and families after birth as a Postpartum Doula. Soon after that I also studied Sleep Counseling at “Idan Hahorut” in order to get a deeper understanding of babies and sleep. I have come to realise that there is nothing more life-changing, wonderful and terrifying than bringing new life into the world. And while there are many courses preparing couples for the event of the birth of their child, most of them do little to prepare them for parenthood. And parenthood, with all its splendour, can be overwhelming, especially at the beginning.

A large part of what I do as a

With the combined knowledge of being a certified postpartum doula, sleep counselor for babies and having a degree in psychology as well as having 6 years of experience working with babies and their parents, I now have a deeper understanding of babies and the postpartum stage…

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