Your baby isn’t speaking yet? That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot to say!
Want to learn how you get help him share his thoughts and desires?
Baby sign language allows your child to communicate
and gives you the peace of mind of understanding what his wants and needs are.

Baby Signs LOVE

The Baby Signs® Program, which started close to 30 years ago in the US, has come to Israel! Baby sign language enables babies to ask for things, show excitement and explain what they want to convey.

The idea is to use simple signs to convey their needs and desires without tears!

In the course of two decades of research, Drs. Acredolo and Goodwyn have uncovered a variety of ways in which babies and their caregivers benefit from using the Baby Signs® Program. What they found is that the Baby Signs® Program:

  • Reduces frustration and builds trust
  • Allows babies to share their worlds
  • Strengthens the parent-infant bond
  • Reveals how smart babies really are
  • Promotes positive emotional development
  • Boosts babies’ self-confidence
  • Helps babies learn to talk
  • Jumpstarts intellectual development

Baby Signs HAT

I’d like to invite you to an educational and fun Baby Signs Parent Workshop, where you’ll learn how to teach your baby to communicate with you and convey his exact needs. The workshop is suitable for parents of babies from 4 months to 2 years old (you can start at any age and it is still relevant beyond 2 years up until the stage that your toddler speaks freely, it important to take into account that a baby cannot sign back to you until his motor skills allow around the age of 8-9 months).

The next workshop will take place:

For details regarding the next workshop or to request a private consultation or host a mini-workshop at your home (if there are another 2 or more participants, the host does not pay), please call 052-8689858 or contact me.

Baby Signs BOOK

The Baby Signs ® Parent Workshop makes use of cute illustrated characters, BeeBo ® the giant teddy bear, and catchy songs which will help you to easily continue teaching your baby at home.

At the Baby Signs Workshop we will learn:

  • What is the Baby Signs Program and what are its benefts
  • When and how to teach signs
  • How to choose which signs to teach
  • We will learn 16 starter signs and cover about 20 more
  • We will create a personalised plan which suits you and your family

After the workshop you are welcome to keep in touch and request more signs relevant to you and your developing baby. Baby Signs is the perfect way to teach your child to communicate and allow you to parent peacefully!

More about the Baby Signs ® program:

Parents and professionals recommend Baby Signs:

“Whether you want to help your child express her needs before she can talk, help her convey her emotions, or help her boost her intellectual development, the Baby Signs program is one of the best things you can do for your baby. That’s why I recommend Baby Signs to new parents and why I enthusiastically recommend it to you.”

Robin Hansen, MD (Pediatrician)