הכנה לתינוק ראשון

I recommend taking a first baby preparation class before the birth of your first baby

Preparation for your first baby:

Pregnant with your first baby? Congratulations! You have a lot to think about – what to buy, designing baby’s room, birth preparation etc… But before you go out and buy baby goods and accessories, I strongly recommend finding out exactly what it is that you need, what you should wait before buying, and in general, what can you expect in the first days, weeks and months after the birth of your baby…

First baby preparation classes

One to three meetings of 2.5-3 hours each at the couples’  home (in the centre) with the intention of preparing the parents for their first baby:
(It is also possible to arrange group sessions – please contact me for more details)

  • Baby supplies: What do you really need and what is going to be a waste of money
  • A parent is born: What can you expect in the first weeks after the birth of a baby
  • First steps with your new baby: Sleep, food, crying, bath, bonding
  • Breastfeeding: what can you expect, what should you do from the beginning to aid a smooth breastfeeding experience
  • Additional questions and advice: Things that have come up before or within the meetings

To sign up for first baby preparation classes please call Ayelet on 052-8689858 or write a message through the contact page