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When babies are born, the world around them feels very different from the world they just experienced inside their mother’s womb. In the womb, every movement they made was met with a contrasting soft outer wall. They felt snug and safe. After the birth, that snugness disappears – if they are not being held, their arms move around with very little control on their part and they do not feel the snugness they are used to. This feeling can be stressful at the beginning stages, especially during the first 3 months until they have had the chance to adjust to the outside world. Swaddling your baby helps the feel that snugness, like a continuing hug even when they are no longer being held. This gives them more confidence and helps to calm them. In addition, swaddling minimises the effect of the Moro reflex which startles the baby and often wakes them when they are sleeping. The result is a calmer newborn and an increase in the duration and quality of the baby’s sleep.

Halo’s SleepSack Swaddle simplifies swaddling your newborn. It allows you to swaddle quickly, easily and effectively without worrying about the swaddle coming loose during the night while the baby sleeps and moves around. Halo’s SleepSack Swaddle also minimises loose blankets in the crib. Swaddling with a large swaddle blanket which swaddles baby’s legs can be very problematic for baby’s hips and in some cases can lead to hip dysplasia, but because of Halo’s unique, roomy sack design, it is recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as “hip healthy.”


It is recommended to swaddle your baby for the first time soon after he/she is born. Babies that have not been swaddled at all for the first 2 months may feel uncomfortable being swaddled by that stage. The first time you swaddle your newborn, they may seem to object. This is natural as this is a new feeling. Do not immediately remove the swaddle, try to pick up your baby and calm them as you normally would. Usually the baby will quickly give in to the newfound comfort of the swaddle and often fall asleep quickly.

** Please note: Swaddled babies should never be put to sleep on their stomach or side and swaddling should be stopped as soon as baby shows signs of turning over. Swaddled babies should be put to sleep only on their back. It is important not to overheat the baby and dress him/her appropriately for the temperature in the room where he/she sleeps.

Halo’s founder Bill Schmid and his wife Cathy lost their firstborn to SIDS. From this tragedy, Halo and its mission were born. For nearly 20 years they’ve been dedicated to putting the health, safety and well-being of babies first. Halo SleepSacks are the no. 1 choice of hospital nurseries and are supplied to more than 1500 hospitals throughout North America!

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NB 0-3 months (19″ to 23″/48-58 cm; 6 to 12 lbs/2.7-5.5 kg): 100% Cotton Cream or Blue, or 100% Cotton Muslin Chevron Taupe

S 3-6 months (23″ to 26″/58-66 cm; 13 to 18 lbs/6-8 kg): 100% Cotton Cream or 100% Cotton Muslin Chevron Taupe


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