“Ayelet was an enormous help to me after the birth of my son, Ben. She was so informative and experienced with babies, and really helped me in understanding the signs of my baby. She helped me distinguish between hungry cries, tired cries, or just over stimulation. Ayelet also helped me with getting my baby to nap, or watching my baby while I took a nap She was always there to answer any question or concern I had and guide me through the tricky stage of a newborn baby. I recommend her to any mom who needs some guidance or just a helping hand after bringing baby home.” -Tamar Diamond

“Thank you Ayelet for walking us through the process of teaching our baby/toddler how to fall asleep independently. We appreciate your daily insight, advice and intelligent and warm way of explaining each step along the way. Thank you for showing me how much my baby understands and with the correct guidance is a quick and happy learner.” -Gila Bronstein

“Ayelet came to us after a difficult and complicated birth and after an unsuccessful experience with someone else. She was sensitive and gentle enough to immediately read the situation and know exactly how to fit in, and to create an atmosphere of calmness and security. I felt that my baby was safe and loving and no less important, in good, skilled hands. I felt comfortable consulting with Ayelet and sharing all the dilemmas related to caring for my baby and my motherhood. Ayelet allowed me perhaps the most important thing for a new mother – to sleep quietly knowing that her baby is in good hands.”
(Mother of a second child from Tel Aviv)

“After the birth, I felt alone at home with a new baby I did not know how to deal with, and with the tremendous change that followed the birth. The nurse said that it was postpartum depression and I said over and over that all I need is some help, someone who can help me take care of my son for two hours a day. At first I thought that a postpartum doula was unnecessary and that you can just get a babysitter, but when I met Ayelet I realized that there was no one like her. I knew that I could talk to her about everything that bothered me, ask questions, and finally get some sleep and know that my son was protected and surrounded by warmth. Highly recommended !!! ” -Orit Pinto

“It all started when I was around six months pregnant – I started to feel the end and think about names, designing the room, shopping and other things ..

Friends, family and even strangers kept telling me that the first three months are a nightmare – colic, sleep, shower, clothing, everything is hard … hell (yes, that’s the word they used). They said that joy in the first three months is rare.

I decided that it would not be hell .. It may be a little difficult, exciting, new, different but also happy!

So it was clear to me that I needed to look for someone experienced to accompany me for the first three months, as soon as I left the hospital.

I started looking for a postpartum doula … Many people know that about birth doulas, but they don’t know about postpartum doulas that come to your home and even the hospital immediately after birth, and after searching the Internet I arrived at Ayelet Zweig. I felt that this was it. Despite my intuition even from Ayelet’s Facebook page, we arranged to meet two months before the birth. I immediately felt secure regarding the future. I guess I could feel Ayelet’s professional, relaxed personality, together with her sense of humor even through her Facebook page … and yes, a sense of humor can be extremely helpful in this process.

The day I left the hospital, Ayelet was waiting for me at the entrance to my house. My stress levels dropped by 90% and immediately we did everything together.

Ayelet taught me a lot of important things, gave me important tips and information.

I want to share one thing that Ayelet told me all the time: there is no such thing as good or bad parenting, there is no one right answer, there is something that is right for you and your baby, every baby is different, every parent is different and everyone needs to find the answer that is right for them and their baby.

With Ayelet’s presence at home I had the opportunity to observe and learn how to understand and calm my baby without stressing.

The main problem in the first few months is the feeling of hysteria – whats happening, why is my baby crying, hunger, gas, exhaustion and when the stress gauge is lowered, you can observe and learn your baby’s language even when he is a day or two old.
True, not everything is easy, and there are difficult days, but there are more exciting days with joy and laughter throughout the process..

The balance that Ayelet brings, along with the confidence she gave me to be who I am, continue to help me today, using the tools she gave me to be a better mother every day.

Almost all the activities that had once seemed impossible to me: bathing, dressing, calming the baby, feeding, massage are easy and enjoyable thanks to Ayelet’s guidance.

Even after we went our separate ways … I could still contact Ayelet with any question, problem or advice and she always listens attentively.”
Chen-Lee Fishman
Nir ‘s mother